a social media outline







I am thrilled (for reasons I detail below) to be submitting this proposal for your review. This document outlines the basics of a comprehensive social media strategy aimed at building both your team’s brand as well as your own personal brand. There is much to be discussed, and as such, what follows serves as a place to start the conversation.

The real estate market remains vibrant, and a quick review of your Facebook page shows just how successful you and your team currently are. However, there is much more that can be done to increase your social presence, build your brand, and impact people in positive ways.

While many brokers and agents are able to sell in the current market, it will be those who have built strong brand recognition and are at the top of their game that will continue to sell as market conditions shift.

Positioning you and your team at the top is what this proposal is about.





  • Increase social media visibility

  • Increase the level of attention and engagement that visibility garners

  • Improve life for the people in your communities

  • Build your brand as THE real estate expert

  • Obtain more listings

  • Sell more homes

action steps

  • Create and develop social media accounts on additional platforms

  • Create content to populate those accounts that is relevant to the platform and valuable to the end user

    • The foundational principle in creating content is that we must provide consistent value to clients before soliciting their business. This content is not to be seen as advertising, but rather informative and/or entertaining. Providing such value over time creates brand awareness, builds engagement, and develops a sense of obligation in your audience that primes them for you to ask for their business.

  • Reframe each listing as an opportunity to educate potential buyers rather than simply posting images of the home in a traditional listing fashion

  • Improve the production quality of videos and photographs used to highlight the properties for sale




The strategies and techniques mentioned in this proposal were not developed out of nowhere. They have been developed while operating Osborn Photography for more than a decade and rapidly grew the business into the most recognized and successful studio in the area. OSBORNMEDIA was born out of the success of Osborn Photography and a desire to help other professionals find the same success and meaning in their own businesses.

Social media presents a unique opportunity to build brands in a new way, and at the heart of OSBORNMEDIA is a commitment to doing so by providing content that makes life better for people. I am committed to working with businesses and people who are likewise committed to improving the lives of those around us.

Jessie, I am excited about the prospect of partnering with you and your team because, after working with you on the NVtv project, it is clear that you share a genuine desire and significant capacity to help people. I truly believe that by working together we can solidify your status as the area’s premier agent and set up your continued success regardless of any changes in market conditions.

I look forward to discussing these ideas with you further.

Thank you for your time and consideration.